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New Australia Toilet Model Pulse Solenoid Wc

New Australia Toilet Model Pulse Solenoid Wc

Pulse solenoid toilet is a new model with our own design and develops,there with watermark approved and very hot sale now in Australia and new zealand.

At present, there are 6 kinds of products with Watermark. From one to four, that is our old models with concealed cistern. About five & six, that is our new models without water storage tank. New models we called it PULSE SOLENOID TOILET. 

Pulse solenoid toilet is a new model with our own design and develops. How it works: (1) Connect circuit board to pulse solenoid valve; (2) Make use of water pressure to flushing (water pressure between 0.1 and 0.14mpa); (3) Through the circuit to control volume & time of flushing; (4) Double displacement buttons and Water consumption are 3/4.5 liter; (5) Battery and low voltage power supply dual mode (battery is 9 volt).


How it advantages: (1) No need water storage tank. Usually, we need to use a concealed cistern to install toilet and the wall needs to dig out a place. Now, we need to hook up triangle valve when installation. In this way, it is not only difficult to install, but also increase the cost. (2) Easy maintenance. In the past, when we were repairing the toilet, we had to build a wall to check where was wrong of the concealed cistern. Now, we design the pulse solenoid valve on the front of toilet and only need to open the lid to fix problems during maintenance.

we can make black color for all the model in Watermark standard 

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