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Wash Down Rimless Two Piece Toilet In Stock
Mar 03, 2018

Thank you very much for your e-mail and sorry for my delayed reply.

I would like to ask you if it is possible as a trial order to mix one

container with 2 series of toilets(wash down eddy two piece toilet) and bidets and the rest to be

artistic basins with colorful and matt glazed?

In this case is it possible to produce under our brand name? How would

that increase the cost?

Do we still have time to order and to have the goods delivered before

Chinese New Year?

Enclosed you will find our final enquiry(please check the seccond sheet). Based on your conditions we can make a trial order-one HQ container. As you can see, we have chosen products that have CE certificate according to your catalogue information. Please note that each piece on it has to have a quality standard note. For example: EN14..... It has to be on product itself, but not visible after instalation, same applies to manufacturer's information.


two piece toilet vs one piece

what is the difference between a one pice and two piece toilet

1 piece toilet

pros cons one piece toilet

which are better one piece or two piece toilets

kohler toilet

Attached is our final quantity. Depending on your price corrections, some quantities may change. Please conssider 10% discount. SInce we are introducing this as new products to our market it's very important that we have competitive price. We are selling our products not only in Serbia, but also in some neighboring countries and have quite big potential.

Please do your best to meet our target price. For some items I wrote too expensive, maybe need more then 10%.

Looking forward to your soon reply

Looking forward to your soon reply.



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