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The Development Of Art Basin
May 31, 2017

The first to appear integrated pottery art crafts and decorative means of the basin in 2002 in Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, when this distinction between the traditional white pottery basin has not a definite name, the market of this high-temperature color glaze Basin has not been more people light note, people are still accustomed to bathroom bathroom porcelain must be white, and is the factory matching good, no need to move the brain redesign, direct installation, such a mind-set, Everyone on the bathroom decoration is also mostly stay in the enhanced function or clean and concise requirements, personality at this time has not been considered into the bathroom.

The emergence of art basins conform to the times, with the idea of personalized home improvement, some people who have received higher education, pay attention to the traditional Chinese culture, and pay attention to independence and individuality are the first groups to use art pots. At the same time, with high quality and high vision of the guidance of some interior designers, this crowd is growing, personalized home decoration and DIY decoration, has become a big fashion trend, at this time, the traditional matching white bathroom, has been unable to meet this part of the strong requirements of individuality or even unique crowd requirements, they have to choose their own style, with their own color, to create their own bathroom life, then, the color of the ceramic art basin has become their choice.

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