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Offer CUPC Approved Under Counter Wash Basin
Apr 10, 2018

The installation steps of the under mounted wash basin:

1, install the opening template on the cupboard counter and adjust the opening position. We need to pay attention to two problems.

One is to make sure that there is enough location to install the faucet.

The two is to confirm that there is enough space to install fastening splint or hook.

2, draw lines along the edge of the openboard with pencil.

3., open the hole according to the drawing line;

4, turn over the cabinet counter top after opening the hole, evenly mix the prepared glue on the side surface of the cabinet.

5. Then the tank is fixed on the counter of the cabinet.

6, add several fastening splints around the flume to enhance bonding.

7, install the cabinet counter to the cabinet, clean the exposed plastic watermark, then install the faucet and launching fittings.



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