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Installation Is Very Troublesome, Isn't It? How Much Will It Cost?
May 31, 2017

Installation is very troublesome, isn't it? How much will it cost?

First determine the concealed position, and then arrange the water pipe. The installation process of the whole concealed tank is not difficult, the whole process is about half a day.

However, the proposed installation by professionals, the cost of about 250-300 yuan. Installation includes three times on-site service: The first time to see if the installation conditions are met, if the location of the blow molding pipe is met, the suggestion is given; the second time door-to-door and installation of water tanks and water pipes, the third time when the end of the decoration to install the wall-hung toilet.

How much does a toilet like this cost?

Such a set of benefits in a number of wall-mounted toilet (first-line brand) and concealed tank Two pieces of a set price of about 2000-4000 yuan.

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