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Installation For Wall Hung Mounted Toilet
Jan 10, 2018

Installation instruction


Before you start

Please read the instruction carefully to familiarize the required tools, material, care instruction and installation sequences.

Ensure the product installation conforms to local plumbing and building code.

Check the product dimension before installation

Take care whilst handling the ceramic products to avoid any break and do not over tighten the bolts or nuts to cause any clips.

Shut off the water supply before installation.



Items needed for installation (not supplied)

- Adjustable wrench

- Tape measure

- Spirit level

- Tubing cutter

- Putty knife

- Screwdriver

- Waterproof sealant

- Seal lubricant

- Connection pipes





1. Establish position for the bowl. Make allowance for the spacing of set aside and the length for carrier studs and tighten nut. Mark the mounting holes position on the wall according to the dimension as shown below, and then insert the mounting studs to the holes. Use the spirit level to ensure the alignment.



2. Install the connection pipes.

Apply some seal lubricant around the water inlet hole and waste outlet hole to help the installation,

Attach the inlet pipe to the water inlet hole, ensure the length is able to connect the concealed tank.

Attach the outlet pipe to the waste outlet hole.




3. Install the bowl

Apply the sealant to the backside of bowl or add optional pad at the edge of bowl. Connect the pipes to the toilet and place the toilet onto mounting studs, then attach the washer and nuts, use the spirit level to ensure balance of bowl, then use wrench to tighten the nuts but do not over tighten. Then snap caps over retainers.



4. Apply waterproof sealant around the edge of bowl.




Care instruction

Do not use abrasive, cleanses to cleaning up the bowl and toilet seat as they may scratch and dull the bowl and seat surface. Do not use cleaners containing chlorine as it can seriously damage of fitting.

Use warm spongy water or liquid detergent to clean the surface and dry with soft cloth.


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