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Disadvantages Of Hanging Toilet
May 31, 2017

1, the price expensive: decoration is originally a small sum of expenses, some places can save the province. Wall-mounted toilet occupies a small space, good-looking, but a penny of the price of goods,

Price is very expensive, water tanks, the toilet to buy separately, so that the price is the average toilet two or three times times. It's a toilet, but it's a big expense.

2, the requirements of high: because it is hanging wall-type toilet, and the water tank is hidden in the wall, so the construction, quality and technical requirements are relatively high, the water tank must buy reliable quality, otherwise the leakage of trouble, but also wall repair. If the home is drained, it will not be recommended for practical use.

3, there is no sense of security: in fact, it is not my to write about things have a sense of crisis, because I always feel wall-like toilet is not sitting in the toilet, if sitting for a long time, the toilet will not stand the weight and damage it! So the toilet that spends a lot of money, sit up not very long to be bad not worth!

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