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Advantages Of Wall-hung Toilet
May 31, 2017

1, does not occupy the place: hangs the wall type Closestool and sits the toilet biggest difference to save the space, because it has the water tank and the pipeline and so on all hides, hides in the wall. Relatively save space, for some old room transformation, or the bathroom space is relatively small house still some role, and fashion.

2, easy to clean: because the wall-mounted toilet is suspended in the air, and the ground is a distance, then it is not easy to leave a health corner, saying that the Guardian is a relatively humid place, easy to breed bacteria, and like me and not how to clean the people encounter this difficult to clean the corner is a headache, say that this good cleaning I also prefer. And its water bends have the filling function, effectively prevent the odor from the pipe back indoors, so that even deodorant are not used, and the water tank is hidden in the wall, then the relative noise will be reduced!

3, can move: it is said that wall-type bucket can be moved, but the distance can not be more than a meters, the, this is to be fixed on the ground of the toilet is still a great advantage. Because the wall-like toilet is used in the same layer of drainage, to get rid of the shackles between the floors, to avoid the drainage pipe to occupy the lower space caused by a series of troubles.

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