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2018 Top Sale New Model One Piece Toilet
Jan 09, 2018

customer inquiry for toilet pans water closet

Hi Bella 


I`m KOUIYP from XXX COMPANY in Norway, we buy a lot of different product for Bathroom from China today like wash basin,matte black counter top wash bowl,matt grey art basin, golden and silver wash basin,S trap one piece toilet, p trap two piece toilet,bathroom furniture, toilet pan,water closet cover and accessories.

Our biggest customer in XXX has asked us to find a good factory for two pieces toilet, they sell this product today in quit high volume but they are not very happy with the supplier (they have a lot of problems with today’s product) and want to buy it from us, because we have cooperated with this customer for many year and are one of theirs biggest supplier for bathroom.


To give you some idea what we are looking for I have attached some picture of one of the toilet they are selling today, one of the picture also have the measure / size of the toilet.

The toilet we are looking for are what you can call an economic model and not and high end product price range product, but off course the quality most be good.

We talk about 2 or 3 different designs / models for this economic toilet.


Maybe you have some models already in your product range that can be interesting for us, if not we must make the design and mould, so my question to you are following.


1.       We need an quotation from you for a similar toilet like the attached picture, off course we understand that you cannot give an 100% accurate price, regarding the information you have get, but this only so we can have an idea of your price level, before we go to the next step. Please check if you have a toilet similar to this in you product range today.


2.       What is the average cost for molding for a two piece toilet and can you be willing to discuss and solution for splitting this cost between us, or we can get some of mould cost back after we have reach an agreed volume.


I hope you can come back to me very soon, because or time schedule is tight and if your prices and so on seems ok, we will quickly go to step 2, that means we will visit your factory arrange samples from Norway, technical information etc.


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