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May 31, 2017

1, keep the sewer unobstructed, put plugging, if there is blockage, be sure to please the professional company dredge.

2, the basin and Mesa joint should be kept dry, if the water stains apply wipes dry.

3, pay attention to hose, sealing materials, such as the use of the term, timely replacement.

4, to prevent any part of the cabinet body immersed in the water. Often check the faucet, basin is, water leakage, water occurrence run, take, drip, leakage, should be timely maintenance, timely treatment, to extend the use of the Cabinet of time. When cleaning, you can not rinse with water directly, clean with detergent and dishcloth.

5, in the pipeline leakage, the need for professional traps to be timely maintenance and treatment.

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