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Stainless Steel Plate
May 31, 2017

The use of high-quality stainless steel plates and other materials through a number of refining process, diverse styles, design chic, environmental protection, moisture, mildew, rust, waterproof, will not produce any harmful substances, beautiful and durable, and stainless steel plate can be recycled. Commonly used plates have 202 and other specifications.

Disadvantage: 200 series of stainless steel plate, this kind of board although the magnet test is not magnetic, but this kind of plate almost does not control the sulphur, the carbon content according to the national Standard, uses manganese (and nitrogen) replaces partial or all nickel to produce the lower nickel content austenitic stainless steel. The disadvantages of this series of materials are: 18% of chromium content and low nickel content is not up to the balance of the formation of ferrite, for this reason, 200 series of stainless steel chromium content to 15, in some cases to 13, its corrosion resistance is not comparable to 304 and other similar steel. In addition, under the common acidic conditions in the corrosive sites of sedimentary areas and cracks, manganese and some cases of copper reduce the effect of passivation. The 200-series steel is about 10-100 times faster than 304 stainless steel in these conditions. Also, in production is often unable to control the residual sulfur content and carbon content in these steels, materials can not be traced, even in the material recycling. If the Cr-Mn steel is not described, they will become a dangerous scrap of mixed raw materials, resulting in castings containing unexpected high manganese content, so 200 series of plates in the air after damp will appear small brown point, a little longer later will rust.

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