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May 31, 2017


Most commonly used in some inexpensive computer units and furniture and kitchen utensils, low cost, from the woodworking process of waste processing, the water absorption rate is very high, from the open hole and interface, plate edge can be identified. Manufacturers often through the paste simulation paper skin, veneer, plastic skin, edge with other materials, and then on the various paint processing. Bad manufacturers and distributors are often based on the appearance of their real effect, according to the purchaser of raw materials do not understand, to such products to serve as solid wood products.

Joinery Board

It is found in some low price or high price wood furniture, because it is a solid wood mosaic, and the different types of wood, the price is different, the pressure resistance due to different wood and the production process is very different, if the surface paint does not do well, exposure and damp will be cracked.

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