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Oak Planks
May 31, 2017

Oak has a unique wood grain, heartwood resistance to decay, high density, hard texture, is a hardwood category. With oak made household items have mahogany furniture dignified calm and noble advantages. But the price is much lower than mahogany, because of the many advantages of oak, the material is widely used to make beer barrels, wine barrels, bathroom barrels, floors, outdoor wooden bridges and so on. is the most ideal material for making bathroom cabinets. Oak by color can be divided into white oak and red oak, China's production is extremely scarce, generally imported in the United States, Malaysia and Thailand.

Red Plank

"Mahogany" is a kind of rare hardwood, refers to the national standard in the provisions of mahogany wood species, such as: rosewood, chicken wing wood, rosewood, acid sticks and other wood, all foreign imports.


1, the color is deeper, reflects the antique style;

2, wood heavier, give people feel good quality;

3, the general wood itself exudes fragrance, especially sandalwood;

4, wood hard, high strength, wear-resistant, pest-proofing, good durability;

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