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Classification and characteristics of pelvic body
May 31, 2017

Classification and characteristics of pelvic body

1, ceramic basin, the basin is relatively easy to clean.

2, glass basin type, easy to be washed by soap water adhesion is difficult to clean.

3, stainless steel basin type, the water sound is bigger.

4, micro-spar basin, easily scratched by hard objects! But it can be polished and restored.

Classification by placement

1, Suspension type: Hanging type requirements wall is the load-bearing wall or solid brick walls, this kind of bathroom ark is vacant easy to take care of toilet sanitation, basically no sanitary corner. It can also effectively prevent moisture from reaching the cupboard. Insulation walls and lightweight partitions cannot be installed in this category.

2, Floor: landing cabinets and hanging the difference is not big, is not to pick the wall, but the cupboard is not good to take care of health, there is the cabinet body easy to damp.

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